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Information is Learned Better When it is Taught in A Fun Way

Have you ever noticed your child watching television, or playing a game - and actually consuming the information which is presented in the game or television show? Have you ever wondered why the child appears to learn this information quickly? The child picks up the information quicker because of the way that it is presented. If the information is presented in an engaging way that the child will remember, than the child is more likely to remember the information when asked to recall it. This could change the way that we teach our children, at home and in school.


Learning Spanish is Much Easier for Kids

Research has proven that babies have the capabilities to learn up to three languages at the same time? Learning has been proven to be much easier in children, as the brain is still developing, and they are increasingly interested in their surroundings. When the child is particularly interested in a subject, that child will have the desire to learn as much as possible. How can we incorporate this knowledge in the techniques that we use to teach our children in schools and at home? First, we make learning fun again!


Young Children Crave Learning

Children love to learn. The ability to know something they did know before excites them. The stimulation of exploration enhances their knowledge.

Young kids learn from doing. Their activities are all learning based functions. They test and explore the limits of how things work. They learn from watching others and pick up on habits and reactions.


Spanish - A Second Language

Like many of us, I took Spanish as a second language in high school. It was boring and difficult to learn because I had no one to share what I was learning with. Nor was it easy teaching me Spanish. It was hard for me to grasp. When I left my Spanish class every day I reverted to English and never used Spanish again that day. It was just another class with a book.


The values and benefits of learning a second language

There is always a debate surrounding the question of whether kids should be taught Spanish as a second language or not. There is the need to fully qualify our child for the world and yet, we hesitate in helping children reach their full potential. Studies have proven time and time again that the part of the brain responsible for learning language is most responsive at the age of 3-6. If we teach children to be bilingual we give the child a greater opportunity to expand his or her potential. Our country is a nation of immigrants and Spanish is a language spoken by a large sector of the population. When people argue against it being taught as a second language they are doing a disservice to themselves, their children and the nation


Why Kids Absorb More When They’re Younger

Do you have a young child who seems to be interested in learning at all times? Well, it’s a fact that kids absorb more when younger. This is often the case among children because they love to be active and have fun in school with other kids. Read on to learn more about kids loving to learn.

Some Spanish kids are extremely interested in learning and teaching other what they learn. They appear to have a great desire to learn and will do whatever they can to get as much information as they can to learn. This is very encouraging to the kids parents as well.


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