Spanish For Children

Young Children Crave Learning

Children love to learn. The ability to know something they did know before excites them. The stimulation of exploration enhances their knowledge.

Young kids learn from doing. Their activities are all learning based functions. They test and explore the limits of how things work. They learn from watching others and pick up on habits and reactions.

While choosing a television program to watch, consider what may be taught. Even cartoons have value. Many teach acceptable manners while others teach the Spanish language. Young learners are more susceptible to learning a new language. Spanish is a good choice for a language to learn because of it’s wide spread practice and your child’s ability to hear and use the language.

Kindergarten programs are offering Spanish on a rotational basis. This is similar to Art and Gym classes. Many schools are also offering Spanish immersion opportunities. Where the thought is that young learners will pick up on the language through repetition.

Repetition is the key to learning and maintaining the knowledge. Watch a child play and you will see them repeat an activity over and over again. Testing to see if the results will be different. All the while their minds are logging the data they are collecting.

Keeping children interested in learning is also key to their success. They need positive reinforcements. Your excitement about their accomplishments will promote them to try for more. Children want to please. Seeing that their accomplishments with learning is pleasing to you will stimulate them to learn more.

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